Well done Hunter New England Schools! Over 80% of our schools have certified for Crunch&Sip®.

Crunch&Sip® is a time in class when children can eat a piece of vegetable or fruit that they have brought from home and sip on some water. Giving students this opportunity to “refuel” has been linked to improved physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.

If your school in interested in joining the program or requires support in making the program sustainable please contact us and view the below documents and websites:

Information for teachers

Crunch&Sip® Resource Pack including stage lesson plans and other teaching resources

Crunch&Sip® Registration Form & Policy Template

Crunch&Sip® Resource Order Form


Click here to go to the Crunch&Sip® website for more information and resources including student certificates, staff presentations, case studies and information snippets.

Information for parents

Crunch&Sip®  Parent Brochure

Crunch&Sip® Action for Parents


Crunch&Sip® was developed by the WA Department of Health. Crunch&Sip® WA was adapted from the Great Southern Public Health Service and the Albany and Narrogin District Education Offices Fruit & Water Policy in Schools Project.




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