Physical Activity in Care

The early years of a child's life, are the best opportunity for developing life-long physical activity behaviours. The time children spend in care is often the best chance a child may have of getting adequate physical activity in their day.

As part of the Munch and Move strategy Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are recommended to be incorporated into services daily programs. To learn more about FMS click here.

Active play

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the building blocks for movement.  They are skills children need to participate successfully in all types of games, physical activities and sports.  Examples of these 12 skills can be frequently seen in popular games played by children.

Research shows that children who are competent in FMS are more likely to enjoy sports and activities and develop lifelong commitment to sport and physical activity.  An important part of the Munch and Move program in NSW child care services and K-6 PDHPE programs in schools is to help young children develop these important skills.

Physical Activity policy

Case Studies & Ideas

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